Public policies for biogas and scientific prodution: Brazil and European Union

Author: Marcos Antonio Rehder Batista (IE/Unicamp)

Considerations on Specialization and Productive Diversification of Cities as Source of Economic Dynamism: An Analysis for Brazilian State Capital Cities

Author: Lucas Thixbai Freitas Fraga (IE/UFRJ)

An agent-based model for the analysis of promotion policies for renewable energy in selected European and Latin American countries

Author: Gustavo Onofre Andreão (IE/Unicamp)

Foresight in the Corporate Context: A Bibliometric Analysis

Author: Danielli Rondon (IG/Unicamp)

Knowledge Intensive Entrepreneurship in technology and science lagging behindCountries: Reflexions on the cases of Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras

Author: Kleinsy Bonilla (IG/Unicamp)

The Intensification of Sino-Brazilian Trade as a Vector of the Complexity Loss of Brazilian Exports

Author: Alex de Sousa Fagundes (Hermínio Ometto Foundation - FHO) Co-author: Sidnei de Caria Junior (Hermínio Ometto Foundation – FHO; Unesp)

Economic Complexity and Inequality

Author: Margarida Bandeira Morais (LSE/UK) Co-authors: Julia Swart; Jacob Arie Jordaan

Co-evolution of regulatory institutions and technology in the internet industry: the role of regulatory adaptation with focus on net neutrality rules

Author: Vinícius Manhães (UFF) Co-authors: Miguel Vazquez; Ana Urraca-Ruiz

University-Industry interaction for innovation: a case study in university laboratories in Brazil and the United States

Author: Karla Rocha Liboreiro (UFMG)

Trajectory of the Colombian pharmaceutical industry and its institutional relationships, 1990-2018

Author: Adriana Mendoza-Ruiz (ENSP/Fiocruz)

FINTECH – Not so disruptive disruption

Author: André Benitez Dos Santos (UTFPR)

Production System Network: An Exploratory Essay to Implement A Simulation

Author: Rodrigo Volmir Anderle (UFBA)

Regional Productive Integration and Global Value Chains: a conflictive relationship seen from the automotive sector

Author: Mariano Treacy (UNGS/Argentina)

Price transmission in the nopal markets of Morelos and Milpa Alta through a VAR-VEC analysis

Author: Oscar Rodríguez Medina (UNAM/México)

Universities and Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: A Study from Social Network Analysis

Author: Matheus Marques (IG/Unicamp)